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The Inalienable Dreamless

by Discordance Axis

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Andres Avellaneda Mejia
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Andres Avellaneda Mejia This album shows you how important a vocalist is to grindcore, Jon Chang¨S Vocals sound like a fucking madman screaming his lungs out .The riffs show more depth and feeling than many other bands. And the drumming is just so intense.
A fucked but yet delightful ride. The Inalienable Dreamless is without a doubt a masterpiece among extreme metal albums. And art among many of its grind contemporaries. Favorite track: Pattern Blue.
JAH thumbnail
JAH Just as beautiful as the cover - my pick for best grindcore album ever made. Favorite track: Angel Present.
SM thumbnail
SM Perfect from beginning to end. The intensity of these songs will floor you. Breakneck grindcore played with surgical precision, it doesn't get any better than this. Favorite track: Oratorio in Grey.
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There are certain records that pass almost immediately into legend from the moment they are created. Discordance Axis' third full length album "The Inalienable dreamless" is one such record. Though previously heralded as one of grindcore's leading lights, this album sent the band sailing far beyond that horizon into the stratosphere of deities, to dole out punishment from on high to the puny mortals who groveled below. It was voted Decibel Magazine's #12 'Greatest Metal Albums of the Decade'. Members went on to Gridlink, Hayaino Daisuki and Municipal Waste.


released August 13, 2000



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Discordance Axis New Jersey

Discordance Axis was a three piece grindcore band that started in NJ around 1992. The band started after Jon and Rob's previous band disintegrated and they found Da5e at a Human Remains show. They asked him to play a split 7" with them and it snowballed from there.

Jon Chang now sings for GridLink.
Rob Marton writes lots of music but isn't in a band.
Dave Witte plays for Municipal Waste .
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Track Name: Castration Rite
An axis in motion distributing ran
Into the poverty of my ego
Distortion screaming streaming sending
Eurythmic continuity skips no double taps

Split open my chest and cut out my lungs
Sew me back up just the same
A stigmata a mutilation
Your blood dies with me I can't help but laugh

I can't help
Help but laugh
As I take
Knife in hand
And castrate my fucking self

Would God I could die for thee
O absalom my son
Track Name: The Inalienable Dreamless
Duplicitous chastity preserved for rape

As my vicious circle comes around again
Pirouetting like a fan dancer

Choreographed into the desire for rebirth
Or just a wish for death

The river of Sai inseminated
By Kefka's sulfurous and potent intention

A subtle but more penetrating violation
Barring divine intervention

I count wire guided sheep
Each one an exploding bob
Inhabitat peopled by the inalienable dreamless
Track Name: Sound Out the Braille
Reeling in the skeins to cable fed simulacra
To which I run the feed

Sandblasted faces no mouths to scream
needless object always scratching

This breach in Heaven irised shut
It scorns this land without even ghosts

Reinventing the wheel so many times
I've become calloused to its genius

I clock the signal to noise
And take suicide capsules now
For me the sky has fallen
Is this how Braille sounds?
Track Name: Oratorio in Grey
Oratorio in grey scrolls patiently from the top
A strip of iron peeled out of a thread
Discrete assimilation fouls me like the House of Usher
A pet in your goldfish bowl but for you I only float dead

Feel visible matter
Feel invisible matter
There is death in everything
We are connected without reason at all

You have your way with me like a lover
But I spite you because I just want the end of the world

Oratorio in grey scrolls patiently until it stops
Track Name: Vacuum Sleeve
Neurotic smart bombs fault intolerant
Killing in recursive parabolas
Black boxes shake hands scoping for shroud lines
With ten thousand mile stares

Let me share my heart with you
As I'm guided by the dead to a miserable end
Sstrands of descent and finite life spans
On and on if only there could be no more

Down the vacuum heart
The sleeve drags on and on
It seems to go on and on
A precise outline oh cruel angel
That will sever even your golden wings
Track Name: Angel Present
A ghost passes through you
I feel it and I scream
Search lights pry at my dreams
This is my memory

A lonely series
Repeats without even a pause
Floating weightless
Uninterrupted until I exhale

Ghosts have no shadows
They must conspire for even one
Yearning for a solid heart
I feel an angel present

Glowing drifting
I remember tomorrow
Spin drift snow screen
Floating down in a spiral from an endless heaven above
Track Name: The Necropolitan
Poisoned waves of chloroform salt the air without desire
Manifest in numb
Mefisto in basalt expressed in numbers
This alias my orthodox a full sense surround

The last few years here seemed a lifetime

(Sincerly) alone again I masturbate
But it feels more like rape

Lean back and bask bask in the sunshine
Even it doesn't make me seem seem more alive

Poisonous cares without words are expressed
How could I resist such a polite feign of death
Touch me oh please I want to know that it's real
And if it's not it's better just to pretend

Violent angel
Invaded with madness and fed only scorn
Worthless object
Follow the blood trails that lead to my heart
I turned it to stone so you'd never bleed another drop
Try and you try there's a part of me still that will never die
Track Name: Pattern Blue
All scrambled inside
Pattern blue
No not an angel without wings
God be with(out) you

Matte this smashed facade
With AT field
Its wings penetrated and destroyed me
Pattern blue

Or jew
O you who turn the wheel and look to windward
Who was once as handsome and tall as you
(T.S. Eliot)
Track Name: The End of Rebirth
At last I heard those words from you
But they make me disgusted with myself
Life choked back into you
With ambivalence

Familiar closed hearts conceal their loneliness
As best as they can
When together
Even further apart

Open your heart
As wide as the sky
This pain worse than death
I just ran away
Yes lonely
But you can't always rise from the dead
Track Name: Loveless
I have
I fell

That hold me
I pass through you
Like a ghost

With her
(She) so gently
Traced the contours
Of my face

Bringing out
The warmth
From a place
Deep in my heart
Track Name: Radiant Arkham
Quickening of reminiscence
Cradled in radiant Arkham
Death is what has been given
My emptiness runs

Destroy me it is my wish
To fill this grave in the air
This crooked skeleton tumults
In a horrible silence

Zoom in and down from in an unnatural way
Just like you I have no name
Track Name: Use of Weapons
Battered arrays and jagged contours
A scaling box that beseeches me
Chamber a round into my head
From the breach
Track Name: Compiling Autumn
Between one life and another
There is a brittle pitch
Painted burgendy and ochre
At a steady clip to winter

All the moments mapped in our hearts to be relived
With half myself destroyed I'd rather die alone

Cloud swaps white on grey overcast skirt the deck at a steady gait
Scarlet snakes through the glass and gutters in the sun

Fiver sleeptalks then forgets what says
Like a steady gait from autumn
Track Name: Jigsaw
Fell short at once so you tried another
But I can't live up to your dreams
Start from the outside find the edges
Look for patterns in the seams

Some pieces fit together wrong
Remaining parts seem to fit nowhere
But you can force my teeth together
If you think that it will make you happy

I can see you've grown tired of this game
So swipe me back into the box

Track Name: The Third Children
Through all
The seasons
Of Dante
A siege
Watership down

Cannot stop
Reverse rebirth
Always pain
In my heart
Made from
To live forever
Live forever in hell

A moment
Of kindness

By departure
Track Name: A Leaden Stride to Nowhere
Feeling the stones as they're cast at Mercer
On a shortcut to the soul of Io
A trail of tears inclining obstacle at a right angle

One leaden stride to nowhere
Track Name: Drowned
Waterlogged skies and orphaned stares
Embrace a world of stripped out color
Catatonic my gaze is frozen
Pruning skin clasped in soldiered prayer
This deathscape a gargoyle with its own heartbeat
Arteries flow with greying blood
Virga erupts in a morphine downpour
Mildewed eyes stare straight through it
Staring and waiting still

Lungs flooded with ether
Eyes rolled over black
Are you closer to heaven
Or closer to hell?

Driftwood skin fastened
To bones cast in salt
Fade to black as lips slowly part
Words fail me submerge and drown

There is no current just a stagnancee
These lungs would rather burst than spare me breath
Spit out the air and sink to the bottom